Indoor Arena

Our Indoor Arena, 60m x 30m, was completed in spring 2011. This arena is laid with the top quality Equestrian Surface’s silica sand and fibres. With a large number of roof lights this arena benefits from great natural light during the day, giving it a light and airy feel.

“Lanarkshire is very fortunate to have such a fantastic venue which offers a well equipped indoor arena and an equally impressive ouitdoor arena. It is ideal for a wide range of training and competition, and after delivering a presenatation there, I would recommend it 100%.”

Mark McGowan

International Advanced Course Designer

Outdoor Arena

The Outdoor Arena is adjacent to the Indoor Arena and can be used in conjunction with it as a warm up arena or hired separately. This arena is 50m x 25m, with floodlights and was resurfaced with silica sand and fibre in July 2016.

Grass Jumping Arena

This is available for hire in the summer and is fenced off within a larger field with easy access from the car park. If hired for a competition, a warm up area is available within the larger field.

For the competitors, a full set of show-jumps, practice fences and dressage arenas are available for hire at West Kype Farm.

There is also a sizeable car-parking area, which can accommodate a large number of cars, trailers and lorries, with easy and convenient access to all arenas.

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For further information on the hire of any of these facilities, please contact us.